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Immortality Shattered Series by Christian Warren Freed (#1,3-4)
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Overview: Christian W. Freed was born in Buffalo, N.Y. more years ago than he would like to remember. After spending more than 20 years in the active duty US Army he has turned his talents to writing. Since retiring, he has gone on to publish 17 military fantasy and science fiction novels, as well as his memoirs from his time in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Genre: Fantasy

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1. Law of the Heretic
The Staff of Life has been lost for a thousand years. Imbued with the powers to dominate all life, the Staff can save or ruin the Free Lands. Many have sought out the Staff. All failed. Until now.
Aron Kryte has served the Hierarchy for years. Honorable. Duty-driven, the young man has risen through the ranks of the venerable Golden Warriors. Born into this life, Aron patrols the Free Lands, maintaining the long peace. Little could he know that the world he knows is built upon lies. His quiet summer days are shattered when he is led into an ambush by the man whose brother he once killed.
Imelin is the last of his order. A powerful wizard and member of the High Council, he has ever harbored the secret desire for power. Darkness dwells in his heart. He defects from the Council and begins a war of attrition that will bring the Free Lands to their knees.
Events are set in motion that will change the Free Lands forever. War brews. The ancient elven fortress of Dol’ir is overrun by a timeless enemy, the survivors forced to flee. Traitors rise. Armies gather. Only a handful of men and women stand against the coming storm. It begins in Galdea, where an aging king is slowly losing control.

3. The Land of Wicked Shadows
Armies rage across the Free Lands. The Galdeans, led by Field Marshal Dlorn, defeated the darklings at the Crimson Fields and now head south, for word has come that the Black Imelin has turned his aim toward Meisthelm. With the army of the Hierarchy engaged far to the south, Dlorn and his Galdeans are the only force capable of stopping Imelin.
Elsyn and the others reel from the loss of Aron Kryte. His death in the freezing river has robbed them of the will to go on, but go on they must. Exhausted from constant campaigning, Elsyn leads a small group east, toward the city of Hryast, where they hope to evade Imelin’s roving armies long enough to move on Meisthelm. They must protect the Staff of Life at all costs or the war is lost.
Sylin Marth’s quest to discover the wizard Elxander has taken him far across the Free Lands. Hunted and harried the entire way, he and his band of dwarves journey across the Goblin Lands, ward off a dragon, and finally come face to face with what he hopes will prove to be the salvation of all.
Aron Kryte is found on the banks of the Simca River, near drowned and frozen. He is nursed back to health and soon begins the quest to find his friends and end the threat of the Black once and for all. Along the way, he confronts the one man who has eluded him for twenty years. A battle with the Rover Ute Hai is untimely and may prove his demise.
Treachery, betrayal, and determination fill the Free Lands. Whoever wins the war, none of the kingdoms will ever be the same again.

4. Storm Upon the Dawn
The Hierarchy is in its death throes. The High Council has been destroyed. Meisthelm has fallen. Chaos rages unchecked across the Free Lands as armies of light and darkness clash. Killed in the ultimate act of betrayal, the Black Imelin no longer threatens the world. In his stead, a stronger, more powerful villain has arisen and continues the work he began.
Aron Kryte and his companions have occupied the burned ruins of Meisthelm and now struggle with deciding their next course of action. Armies of darklings and Rovers continue to plague the Free Lands. Only by combining the armies of Galdea and the Hierarchy does he stand a chance of defeating the rising evil. Those numbers are diminished when most of the Galdean army returns home to combat the flood of darklings from Suroc Tol.
Poros Pendyier and the remnants of the Free Rebellion, combined with the mighty of the Dagger Trolls, prepares to stop the evil growing in Morthus. It is here the traitorous Arlyn Gert has decided to build her empire from which to dominate the Free Lands. All she needs do is secure Mordrun Hath, the Forge of Wizards.
The land of Sadith Oom, forgotten by generations, has become a place of unrest. Armies of friend and foe converge upon the desolate kingdom, for it is here that the end of times will begin. If victory is to be achieved, Aron Kryte must destroy the Staff of Life in the wizard fires of Mordrun Hath. Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. The final hour approaches.

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