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Apr 21st, 2018, 6:13 am
Teddy's Naughty Adventures series by Sadie Sins ( books 1 & 3)
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Overview: Sadie Sins, at your service. I'm a tomboy writer/artist out of New England with a passion for hunky strong men, lithe pretty boys, and lots of hot dirty talk. If you're looking for a hard edge with possessive personalities, bad attitudes, rough language, and steamy to downright filthy smut, I'm your girl. If it's two guys (or more) getting it on, be it with the help of magic, a full moon, or just good old fashioned lube, I'll be striving to make sure it gets as naughty as possible, with just a touch of sweet to flavor.
Genre: Erotica, MM Romance


Teddy Goes To The Dentist #1: Teddy, a beautiful, naïve orphan boy finds himself in a series of increasingly confusing encounters with older, professional men. He thought he was moving in with his Granny Emma to help the elderly woman around the house but instead finds she's more interested in pimping her innocent grandson out to the highest bidder.
Leif, the young blond next store, tries to help Teddy find a way out of the life he's been caught in. But Lief is even more deeply entrenched, his abusive father selling him to the men of the area.
Even if Teddy did have a place to go, he's not sure that he wants to leave. With Granny Emma comes a lot of good including new clothes, a room of his own and more than enough food to eat. Lief's situation is much worse than his, and Teddy would do anything to keep from leaving his first real friend behind.

Teddy Gets A Package #3: Hidden in the suburbs, a prostitution ring of boys gains a new star.
Teddy didn’t expect to be trapped in the back of a truck with a horny postman today of all days. Lief’s birthday party is moments away and Teddy just knows he’s going to be late. Mr. Sullivan likes that he’s new, really likes his mouth, and has no remorse ruining Teddy’s brand new outfit. Worse, he leaves Teddy aching with no relief to be had. Teddy can only hope to get home and cleaned up before Lief’s party is over.
Fancy new clothes, parties, and a room of his own are just some of the perks of moving in with his Granny. Lief, the boy next door, ignites a blossoming love Teddy has never felt before. Life is perfect, but Teddy is learning nothing is what it seems in his new home.

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Apr 21st, 2018, 6:13 am
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