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Alternative Data

Getting web data is hard… until now.

Import.io enables companies to easily access, transform and analyze web data to solve business problems.

Find out why thousands of enterprises use Import.io for easy web data extraction, data processing and in-depth analysis.

What We Do

Import.io is intuitive and highly capable. Simply point-and-click to show us the data of interest on a web page. Machine leaning based – no coding required. Learn more

Transform web data into the format of your choice and combine web data with your own data. Merge data from thousands of websites into a common schema. Learn more

Understand your data, see it in graphs and charts, find answers, and make valuable predictions based on the data. Create, change, comparison, and custom reports. Learn more

Why Import.io?

Enterprise Ready
World-class support
24×7 helpdesk for premium+ plans
Highly secure


Massively Scalable
Cloud-based extraction
Scale to billions of queries
Locale-specific extraction
API access for setup and access to data

Easy to Use
Intuitive point-and-click setup
Zero config extraction
Fully browser-based UX
Advanced data transforms

Reliable & Accurate
Very high accuracy
Self-healing ML-based extraction
Built-in network resiliency
Constant monitoring


Retail & manufacturing

Competitor price monitoring
MAP compliance monitoring
Images and descriptions for
Online marketplaces

Retail and Manufacturing

Equity Research

Alternative web data
Market data aggregation
Financial statement extraction

Equity Research

Machine Learning

Images and web data
Repeatable, automated
Discovery of URLs

Data for Machine Learning

Risk Management

Background checks-employees, suppliers
Fraud detection

Risk Management

Product, marketing, and sales

Content marketing
Lead generation
Competitive analysis
SEO monitoring
Reputation monitoring

Product, Marketing, and Sales

Other Industries

Get any web data
No coding
Enterprise ready

Other Uses for Data Extraction

Customers have used Import.io in many ways