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Grace Dent

Grace Dent is a journalist, author, and broadcaster.

Why everyone should be against hangover-free alcohol

We need the cold light of day where bilious, lonely, hungry, horny, paranoid and regretful moments skewer our consciences as 24 units of vodka ebb from our systems. It is these hangovers that give us time to take stock of our shortcomings

Today’s Snowmaggedon is a national holiday

It is a day for one to go mysteriously missing from one’s job, muttering something about a shonky commuter track, knowing full well that no one in human resources will challenge you as they’re ‘working from home’ too

I know the reason why Boris Johnson thinks he's broke

The solid, irrefutable truth is that money will make all daily minutiae of life much, much easier and that’s why Boris Johnson and thousands of his wage bracket guard their status like lions and always, always need just a bit more

The 'Snowflake Test' for millennial employees is really win-win

Kyle Reyes gets to employ what he feels is ‘the cream of the crop’; meanwhile, bright youthful liberals who fail the test can celebrate the fact they aren’t trapped in his office, jamming their heads hard in the microwave each time their new boss treats them to a slice of home truths