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Holly Baxter


Holly Baxter is co-editor of the Voices section as well as Independent columnist, author of The Vagenda and former resident of an airing cupboard.

The Mueller report shows Trump tried to run a country like a business

After release of minimally redacted report, it will certainly be more difficult for triumphant crows to echo round Congress

What Trump accidentally revealed during his sanctuary city threats

The president isn’t going to war with the Democratic Party or a specific Democrat candidate any longer — he’s going to war with Americans themselves

This is why it matters if Corbyn mouthed ‘stupid woman’

The amount of men who contacted me within minutes of this happening to ask why saying the phrase ‘is that bad’ was staggering

Now Harry Leslie Smith is gone, remember that he was an ordinary man

There are plenty of people of his generation without Twitter who share his views and his concerns. The right would prefer they didn’t exist because that old stereotype about older people hating the left is very convenient