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9 best hair straighteners that will tame every hair type

Keep frizz at bay with a super-sleek pair of irons

Rather than just straightening, we experimented with various styles in different weather conditions and occasions ( The Independent/iStock )

In the hotter summer months, keeping your hair sleek and straight can seem like an impossible feat.

Sometimes it only takes an hour of humidity and sun to put a kink in your style, no matter how careful you are, which is why choosing the right hair straighteners is so important.

Nowadays, a simple pair of heated plates isn’t enough to make a good pair of straighteners. Hair health is a top priority, which means the temperature and heating time should be taken into consideration.

Also, everything is multifunctional nowadays – why settle for just straightening your hair when you could have a tool that curls and waves too?

To put a range of hair straighteners to the test, we tried out each pair over the course of a few days. Rather than just straightening, we experimented with various styles in different weather conditions and occasions.

Here’s our pick of the best straighteners to see you through the summer humidity and beyond.

Cloud Nine the touch iron: £129, Cloud Nine

The unique technology featured in these straighteners allows them to heat up to as high as 195C instantly. Not only does this eliminate the time you usually spend waiting, but it’s adaptable – if you tap the plates together three times, the temperature will reduce to 165C, a friendlier temperature for finer hair. The plates are ceramic and mineral-infused, which we found left our hair feeling conditioned rather than dried out. While they’re wide enough to speed up styling time, they’re not so wide that you can’t use them to create waves or curls. The effects of these straighteners were long-lasting, surviving a few days of a humid holiday and even the tube during rush hour. They also come with a heat mat and a useful carry bag.

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Nicky Clarke frizz control ionic straightener: £29.99, Superdrug

Those struggling with frizz understand the importance of a good pair of straighteners, which is why this Nicky Clarke pair are a lifesaver. Not only are they a purse-friendly £29.99, but they reach an impressive 230C. They also produce negative ions to reduce the static in your hair and lock-in the moisture lost with frizzy locks. As they’re quite narrow, we’d recommend this pair to those with shorter hair as our tester found that they took quite a while to work through her longer tresses.

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Philips moistureprotect hair straightener: £100, Amazon

These straighteners are not only aesthetically but technologically impressive, heating up in just 15 seconds and using sensors to protect the moisture balance of your hair. Those with damaged or fragile tresses will also appreciate the use of floating plates, which put less pressure on your hair to prevent breakage. We found that the technology helped style our hair quicker than average, and the three manual temperature modes give you options that are often lacking in straighteners.

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GHD platinum+ straightener: £175, Feel Unique

There’s a reason GHD have become synonymous with hair straighteners. The platinum+ device is a fuss-free, classic design that’s slightly wider than your typical pair. It heats up quicker than average, reaching a healthy 185C while constantly adapting to predict your hair needs – the brand claims that the device’s temperature is checked 250 times per second using infinity sensors throughout the plates, which means your hair is never in danger of being fried by excessive heat.

We loved how efficient these straighteners were, leaving hair straight and silky without needing to go over what you’ve already done. Our tester found that her hair stayed put for considerably longer while using this device and didn’t feel like her hair’s health was compromised to do so. You can also easily create curly or wavy hairstyles with these, if you simply turn the device while running it through your hair. As an added bonus, they come with a sleep mode, turning themselves off if unused for 30 minutes. While they may be on their pricier side, they’re a good investment, coming with a three year guarantee.

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Panasonic EH-HS99 Nanoe ceramic rose gold hair straightener: £79.99, Boots

This entry is another one for those with frizzy hair, as these straighteners work specifically to reduce static. Their unique selling point is their use of Nanoe technology particles – created from the air holes at the top of the ceramic plates – which makes this tool less likely to burn your hair. Of all those used on this list, we found that they left our hair looking shiniest. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re so aesthetically pleasing.

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Revlon pro collection salon one step hair dryer and volumiser: £59.99, Amazon

Multi-functionality is important when you’re in a rush. This product dries, volumises and straightens hair, leaving it slightly curled at the end for that just left the salon look. It’s healthier for your hair than traditional straighteners, drying hair quicker but with less damage, and features a cool option to help set your look. Those with thicker tresses might find this more difficult to use than straighteners, and if you’re looking for poker-straight hair or an option to create waves, you may be better off with a standard straightener.

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Paul Mitchell Neuro halo 1” styling iron: £149, Feel Unique

This offering from Paul Mitchell is definitely a product of the digital age, featuring a backlit touchscreen display that allows you to increase or decrease the temperature. We loved the wide, titanium plate, as well as the slightly curved edges which prevented the awkward crease often left in hair after styling. Thanks to their width, they’re also ideal for big, bouncy waves, or for those who struggle with styling thick hair.

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Remington S6606 curl & straight confidence: £64.99, Argos

If you like to vary your hairstyle, then this is the tool for you because its real strength lies in the fact that it is not just a straightener. The unique twisted structure on this device makes it equally as easy to straighten or curl your hair. While they can be adapted to five different temperatures between 150C and 230C, the end of the tool stays constantly cool, so there’s no risk of burning your fingers while attempting curlier hairstyles. The only issue is that this product is quite difficult to use at first, but after some practice, our tester loved how easy it was to switch up her hairstyle.

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Mark Hill salon professional straightener: £42.49, Boots

Our tester was intrigued by these Mark Hill straighteners, as the keratin and Moroccan oil infused plates are supposed to leave hair soft and silky. While we didn’t notice a significant difference from most straighteners, we found these easy to use and appreciated the 3m long cord. Although they take a while to work through thicker hair, the results are long-lasting and feel luxurious even several hours after styling.

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The verdict: Hair straighteners

Our choice for the best all-round product is the Cloud Nine touch iron, which is a reliable option to help create several styles. However, for a long-term, luxurious investment we’d recommend the GHD platinum+ straightener.

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