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10 best indoor plant stands

House plants are all the rage, and these are the pieces you need to display them in

The trend for all things green shows no sign of slowing down in 2018, with everyone wanting to bring a touch of the jungle into their homes.

Indoor plants have been proven by scientists to detoxify polluted air and regulate humidity, while mental health research suggests caring for them can be an enjoyable, stress-relieving mindfulness activity.

Plant stands offer a fun way to show off your indoor gardening skills and if you fall short in the green-fingered department, they serve as an excellent aesthetic distraction from a plant that has seen better days.

From imposing, multi-tiered plant stands to smaller stand and pot combos, there is something to suit every budget and space allowance.

Jump on the botanical bandwagon with one of our recommendations, all intended for indoor use, durable enough to last for years and score points for original design.

The Forest and Co Brass Plant Pot on a Wooden Stand: £60, Not On The High Street

Copper may be hanging on to its title as the most popular metallic, but brass is edging in there. Get ahead of the curve with this stylishly simple stand from Devonshire company The Forest and Co, available in three sizes (medium is £84, large is £120, ranging from 24cm to 52cm high). Ethical buyers will be impressed by the mango wood base, which has a unique, mottled aesthetic. Mango wood offers a sustainable alternative to oak as it is a by-product of the mango industry, providing fruit farmers with an additional source of income. If your budget allows, liven up a dreary entrance hall by creating a light-reflecting display of differing heights.

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Ikea Satsumas Plant Stand and Five Plant Pots: £30, Ikea

Turning your home into an indoor garden is all well and good if you have space, but if you’re short on square feet it can be a mean feat working out where to put bigger, more elaborate stands. This moisture-resistant bamboo ladder from Swedish furniture favourite Ikea offers the perfect solution, allowing you to show off five plants vertically. Try attaching it to the side of a kitchen unit and filling it with pots of herbs that you can pick from merrily as you cook up meals. Measures 125cm tall, with a width of 36cm (each of the pots is 12cm in diameter).

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Sainsbury’s Home Yellow Planter: £14, Sainsbury’s

Brighten up a dark corner with a little ray of sunshine in the form of this glazed ceramic planter from Sainsbury’s excellent – and refreshingly affordable – home department. It’s dinky at 26cm high, but adds a welcome colour pop to a small room, making it ideal for students and younger design lovers limited by cramped rental flats. The stand is made from light-coloured rubber wood that, as with mango wood, is environmentally friendly as the rubber trees have already been used for their latex sap. Be one of the first to pick yours up as soon as it launches in March.

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Collard Manson Plant Pot on Stand: £59, Trouva

Industrial design is all the rage at the moment and this dark grey, antique finish iron pot and stand from Sheffield-based boutique Collard Manson is one of the best examples in the shops. The criss-crossing of two stands offers solid support to the 28cm pot, with the whole structure reaching 75cm high. Trailing plants look particularly impressive on a stand of this stature, the natural look of cascading leaves offering a striking contrast to the brutality of the piece.

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Lene Bjerre Kendra Flower Pot Sand Fibre Clay Pinewood: £85, Houseology

Understated Scandi minimalism may be giving way to in-your-face maximalism but Nordic design remains a staple of many contemporary homes. This planter exudes an elegant sense of calm, making it a lovely addition to a bedroom sanctuary. The pot is made from hard-wearing clay and the stand from pinewood – a sturdy enough material, but one best kept away from heat and moisture to prevent warping. The small pot measures 52.5cm high and 21cm across, while the large pot is £97, measuring 58cm high and 28.5cm across.

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Urban Nature Culture Tall Solstice Plant Stand: £99.50, Trouva

If you look for the personal touch, you’ll love this hand-crafted, gold-painted iron stand from Dutch entrepreneur Anne Marie Hermans’ oh-so-hip homewares brand, Urban Nature Culture. One for the magpies among you, it will add a shiny touch of glamour to a living or dining room and would be absolutely fabulous filled with lush green ferns and set against a moody wall. It is 86cm high, about half as tall as an average woman, and 34cm wide, making it a fantastic statement item for your home.

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Katharine Pooley Urban Metal Stand: £230, Katharine Pooley

If you are after a design-led stand with versatility and have some serious cash to splash, this heavy metal showstopper from Londoner Katharine Pooley’s gorgeous interiors boutique is a stunning luxury buy. The clean black lines are hypnotically classy, drawing the eye up to your favourite vase, pot or piece of sculpture as if it were on an exhibition plinth. The smaller one is 75cm high, with a taller one at 95cm high available for £265.

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Proper Copper Design Copper Plant Stand Rectangle Base: £36.99, Not On The High Street

If there is a plant stand more Instagram-friendly than this beauty from Brighton workshop Proper Copper Design, we are yet to find it. Handcrafted from 100 per cent pure copper, its rosy hue will tarnish naturally over time for a wonderfully authentic, rustic appeal. The thick, rectangular design gives it impressive enough stability to hold heavy ceramic pots up to 15cm wide, but bear in mind that the millennial pink one shown online is not included. The stand is 21cm high.

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Modern Country Style Interiors Ornate Brown Metal Plant Stand: £125, Modern Country Style Interiors

Bring a glamorous touch of The Great Gatsby into your life with this ornate Art Deco-inspired stand for use indoors or outdoors. The neutral colour means it will match any palette and set off bright pots and flowers brilliantly. It could also be used as a drinks stand to display liquor bottles. It doesn’t come on wheels but is lightweight and easy to move should you wish it to feature in your entertaining plans. If you have a tight space you’re hoping it squeezes into for a more permanent residence, it measures 79cm x 84cm x 40cm.

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Coy Plant Pot in Green: £8.95, Redcandy

Though arguably glorified pots at just 10cm high, these are included as they would look fabulous filled with succulents and paired with one of the bigger stands on our list, or used for desk decor. The planter is shiny ceramic and the mini stand is gold-painted metal, making for a lightweight yet durable piece great for gifting to a green-fingered friend. Farrow & Ball aficionados will swoon over the muted grey-green colour shown here, but if you want something cheerier, a range of other hues are available from sky blue to burgundy. For under a tenner, they’re an unmissable steal. 

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The Verdict: Indoor plant stands

Our love for sustainable design and metallics means we give the biggest thumbs up to The Forest and Co’s mango wood stand and brass pot, but Sainsbury’s joyful yellow planter is a bargain at under £15. Collard Manson’s brutalist iron stand would look terrific in a dramatic black bathroom, while Ikea does not disappoint once again with its space-saving ladder fit for even the tiniest kitchen.

Have we missed any brands? Do you agree with our expert’s choices? Drop us a line with any feedback or questions on indybest@independent.co.uk

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