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Abigail Disney’s blast at CEO pay won’t be frozen out by the Avengers

The Disney heiress has described Bob Iger’s $65m package as ‘insane’ and called for more resources to be directed to the firm’s low-paid workers

EU introduces new minimum rights for 'gig economy' workers

Workers will get compensation for work cancelled last minute, and bosses will be made to pay workers for mandatory training, among other rights

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Hamish McRae Is Brexit making the eurozone’s economic problems worse?

Brexit Explained: Germany’s recession means the zone’s three largest economies are all stalling

L&G takes climate protest to boardrooms, others must follow

The fund manager describes climate change as a "catastrophe" in its latest ownership report, and will use its voting clout against companies that fail to take it seriously 

Bounty pregnancy fined for illegally sharing 14m people’s data

It included information on 'potentially vulnerable' new mothers and children and appears 'to have been motivated by financial gain”, says regulator