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Scientists create gene-edited monkey clones with mental disorders

Researchers say experiments could help treat human diseases ranging from brain conditions to cancers

Air pollution puts city residents in bad mood, study suggests

Real-time data from social media suggests particulates linked with poor lung health also affecting happiness of population

North Sea rocks could act as renewable energy stores, study finds

‘This method could make it possible to store renewable energy produced in the summer for those chilly winter nights’

Hundreds more species under threat than previously thought

‘This indicates that urgent reassessment is needed of the current statuses of animal species’

Planetary health diet requires switch from red meat to preserve Earth

Plan to minimise climate change and rainforest destruction while preventing millions of premature deaths would require developed nations' meat eating to fall by 80 per cent

Diabetes-detection dogs 'help patients avoid blood sugar crashes'

Detection dogs spotted 83 per cent of more than 4,000 episodes of unacceptably high or low blood sugar during trial, and provided a quicker alert than other monitors in some cases