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Neo-Nazi groups allowed to stay on Facebook

Exclusive: International white supremacist groups remain online, spreading same conspiracy theory that inspired New Zealand attack 

Minister warns MPs of general election if they back softer Brexit

Government will not accept anything counter to what it was elected to do, Brexit secretary says - so 'the risk of a general election increases'

Hammond says second Brexit referendum deserves to be considered

'It’s a coherent proposition And it deserves to be considered along with the other proposals'

Heseltine says PM's No 10 speech ‘affront to parliamentary democracy’

‘I may be naive, but if something is wrong, I look first for the person in charge,’ Lord Heseltine told thousands of protestors in central London

Food exports to be turned away in no-deal Brexit ID mark 'chaos'

Exclusive: Producers condemn 'confusion' over proof that items will be accepted as fit to eat – after last gasp change of advice