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To - Too - Two

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The Difference between To, Too and Two is frequently confused in English, sometimes even for native speakers.

Why? Because they are homophones, words that have the same pronunciation but have a different spelling and meaning.

Sometimes To, Too and Two can all be used in the same sentence. While they all sound the same, it is in the context that you can understand the meaning.


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Below we have included different meanings and uses for each one:


Can be used as a preposition of movement or direction. It indicates the place you arrive at as a result of moving.

From X to Y: To refers to the end point of a time period.

Note: when we do NOT have the starting time, we use until.

It identifies the person or thing affected or receiving something

Can be used to show a change of state, condition or quality

Can be used as the first part of an infinitive (To + Verb = Infinitive). Notice when two verbs are together, the second verb is in the infinitive form (except Modal verbs and To Be)


Can be used before an adjective or an adverb for reinforcement to mean 'very' or 'more than...'

Can be used as an adverb to mean 'also' or 'in addition'

Too much and Too many refer to an excessive amount of something.

Too much (+ uncountable noun)
Too many (+ plural noun)

See our notes about Too vs Very vs Enough


Only used as a number. Two = 2


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The difference between TO, TOO and TWO in English

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