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Mark Steel

Mark Steel is a comedian who has presented radio and television programmes including The Mark Steel Lectures and Mark Steel's in Town. He appears regularly on shows such as Question Time and Have I Got News for You. In 2006 he published Vive La Revolution: A Stand-up History of the French Revolution. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally.

Mark Steel Forget the Markles – the Windsors are far worse

Thomas Markle is accused of using a royal marriage for publicity, and no one has ever stooped this low before. Example: Pippa Middleton’s column in Vanity Fair is nothing to do with the fact she’s Kate’s sister – she got the job because of her incisive analysis of the Japanese economy

Mark Steel Why Cherie Blair should take over from Jeremy Corbyn

For its first five years of opposition, the Labour strategy was to prove its credibility by agreeing with austerity, with comments like: ‘While we fully support the necessary cuts to disability benefits, the government should have drafted them as a country song called ‘Your handouts are eroded, though your liver just exploded’’

Mark Steel Who knew Corbyn's antisemitic beetroot would cause such anger?

‘The Lord said unto Moses, ‘beware Pharaoh, for he shall seek vengeance upon thee. He shall grow a beard and nationalise the Red Sea so ye may not split it into separate bits, and grow a crop of beetroot within his allotment and verily wave it above his head, and ye will know him for he shall shout f***eth capitalism’’

Mark Steel Jeremy 'Stalin' Corbyn really does have some explaining to do now

The Conservative strategy for winning back support is to try to convince people the Labour leader supports a regime which he always opposed and which no longer exists, which I for one think is admirable