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Cyber Monday and Black Friday UK: Best TV deals 2018

From smart TVs to curved screens, there are some great savings if you know where to look


If a new TV is on your wish list, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to invest. The internet is awash with amazing tech deals from laptops to tablets, but for TVs, in particular, there are some seriously tempting discounts.

From full HD to 4K Ultra HD, LCD and OLED, we've done all the bargain hunting so you can get your new telly just in time for Christmas. 

Here, we will be constantly updating the best deals on televisions throughout the Black Friday weekend.

Top TV Buying Tips For Black Friday

  • Look for a TV with a resolution with at least 4K, if you want it to be future-proof.
  • OLED TV screens look much better than a regular LED LCD, but generally cost more.
  • Curved TVs might look cool but there's no real benefit in terms of picture quality.
  • Most TV sets are 'smart' and can connect to apps like Netflix, as well as the web.

​Smart TV

Smart TVs connect to your home internet connection which means you can browse applications like Netflix. They can also connect to other Smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Sony Bravia 40” Smart TV HDR LED

Low price: £399 – Buy now from Currys

Was £549, now £397 – Buy now from Amazon

Low price: £397 – Buy now from John Lewis

With a large 40-inch screen, this slim TV delivers the latest and greatest content with rich detail and depth. It also has built-in Freeview Play so you can get unlimited access to a huge range of live, catch-up and on-demand TV.

Bush 32” Smart TV HD Ready

Low price: £189.99 – Buy now

With built-in Freeview Play, this large 32-inch screen TV offers a wealth of live entertainment channels, meaning you can enjoy all the latest shows from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more. 

Samsung 50" 4K Ultra HD TV

Low price: £349 – Buy now from Argos

Was £549, now £399 – Buy now from AO

Low price: £399 – Buy now from Amazon

JVC 32" Smart TV LED TV 

Low price: £279 – Buy now from Currys

Low price: £294.99 – Buy now from Amazon

Low price: £379 – Buy now from Argos

A wall-mountable TV with plenty of entertainment, this will add a stylish not to any living room. It includes a range of Freeview channels, Smart TV services and an app store.

4K Ultra HD

These TVs have up to four times the number of pixels than a standard Full HD TV making images crisper and more realistic than ever before. To be considered 4K a screen needs 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

LG 4K Ultra HD 55” LED TV 

Was £549, now £379 – Buy now from Very

Was £649, now £449 – Buy now from Currys

Was £549, now £449 – Buy now from John Lewis

Certified with 4K Ultra HD with HDR10, this TV makes every scene look super-sharp and colourful. It also includes Smart webOS which is packed with apps to keep the whole family entertained and ThinQ AI to bring voice control to your TV. 

LG Smart Ultra HD 43" 4K TV with HDR

Was £369, now £329 – Buy now from Argos

Low price £329 – Buy now from John Lewis

LG Smart 55" LED TV with Freeview Play

Was £949, now £449 - Buy now from Amazon

LG 4K Ultra HD 50" LED TV

Was £549, now £379 – Buy now from Currys

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD 55" LED Smart TV

Low price: £499 – Buy now from Co-op

With built-in Freeview Play, this large 55-inch screen TV offers a wealth of live entertainment channels, meaning you can enjoy the latest shows on the from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more. It’s also armed with HDR tech for a greatly heightened colour range to deepen your view.

Philips 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR Plus and Freeview Play

Was £444, now £429 – Buy now from Amazon

Toshiba 4K Ultra HD 55” LED Smart TV

Was £529 now £379 – Buy now from Currys

Low price £379 – Buy now from John Lewis

Was £549, now £399 – Buy from Amazon

Philips 4K Ultra HD 55” Android Smart TV with HDR Plus

Was £800, now £554 – Buy now from Amazon

Sony 4K Ultra HD 43” Smart TV

Was £899, now £469 – Buy now from Amazon

Was £649, now £549 – Buy now from Currys

Low price: £549 – Buy now from Argos

Enjoy stunning 4K entertainment with this option from Sony. Slim in design, it promises to make an attractive addition to any home and also comes with the amazing Android TV platform. 

Samsung 43" 4K Ultra HD TV

Black Friday Special Buy: £329 – Buy now from John Lewis

Samsung 49" 4K Ultra HD TV

Was £679.99, now £399 – Buy now from Amazon

Low price: £399 – Buy now from John Lewis

Low price: £399 – Buy now from AO

Samsung 50" 4K Ultra HD TV

Was £549, now £399 – Buy now from AO

Ultra HD certified, this option offers true 4K colour and clarity as well as easy access to all your content and connected devices from one place. It’s also available in a range of screen sizes from 40 inch to 75 inch.

Curved Screen TVs

Developed to deliver a more immersive entertainment experience, curved TVs mean everyone can view the screen, regardless of their angle and really put you at the centre of the action. Typically they also offer the latest colour and depth enhancing technology. 

Samsung 34" QLED Curved TV

Was £749.99, now £449 – Buy now from Amazon

Samsung Curved TV 65” Smart 4K Ultra HD LED

Was £1,499, now £1,049 – Buy now from Currys

Low price: £1,099 – Buy now from Argos

The curved screen on this Samsung TV makes you feel like you’re at the heart of every moment whether you’re watching a movie or playing a computer game. It also gives you easy access to catch up services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Samsung Curved TV 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD

Was £629, now £549 – Buy now from Argos

Low price: £549 – Buy now from AO


Treat your eyes to a cinema-quality home entertainment experience with vivid colours and incredibly sharp images. It also has upscaling technology that makes the most of everything you view, so all of your favourite shows and movies are transformed to near 4K Ultra HD quality. 

Cello Curved TV 55” Smart LED

Low price: £479.99 – Buy now from Amazon

This option combines a curved screen with built-in digital Freeview channels to reveal incredible levels of detail which makes anything you’re watching look beautiful and true to life. 


Oled is a huge leap forward in screen technology and stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. OLEDs are thinner, more flexible, faster at processing images and produce true blacks and smoother images. However, because of their advanced technology they tend to be fairly expensive. That’s where deals help.

LG OLED TV 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD

Was £1,799, now £1,299 – Buy now from Currys

This option delivers pure picture quality thanks to its OLED screen which creates true deep blacks to enhance every colour and detail. You can also stream 4K content from services like Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube. 

LG 65SK8000PLB 65-Inch Super UHD 4K HDR Premium Smart LED TV

Was £2,199.99, now £966.22 – Buy now from Amazon

Panasonic OLED TV 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD

Was £1,699, now £1,499 – Buy now from Currys

Was £1,699, now £1,499 – Buy now from John Lewis

Experience amazing next-gen visuals with this Panasonic TV which features a 4K HDR OLED screen. It also comes with Freeview Play which means you can access services like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4.

Philips OLED TV 55” Smart 4K Ultra HD

Was £2,000, now £1,199 – Buy now from Amazon

Was £1,499, now £1,199 – Buy now from AO

Sony Bravia 55“ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR OLED TV

Was £2,299, now £1,799 – Buy now from Currys


Astonishingly thin, this TV delivers a glorious Ultra HD colour-scape with three ambilight sides to make your viewing experience more immersive. It also includes Android TV which the Google Play store so you can enjoy an endless collection of films, TV, music, apps and games. 

Toshiba 55" Smart 4K Ultra-HD OLED TV

Was £1,499, now £1,199 – Buy now from Amazon

Was £1,299, now £1,199 – Buy now from Currys

This option from Toshiba can come with or without wall mounting and offers deeper, more authentic blacks and striking colours. It’s also built with Dolby Vision for scene-by-scene accuracy.


Thanks to ground-breaking Quantum Dot technology, QLED TVs deliver Certified Ultra HD Premium picture quality and jaw-dropping colour that’s unbelievably true-to-life.

Samsung QLED TV 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD 

Was £1,499, now £999 – Buy now from Currys

Low price: £999 – Buy now from John Lewis

Was £1,294, now £1,194 – Buy now from Co-op

The next innovation in TV, this Samsung QLED TV is the cutting edge of home visual entertainment with a picture quality that takes your breath away. With extremely low light reflectivity, the Q contrast means you’ll be able to watch the television on sunny days without having to rearrange the furniture.

Samsung QLED TV 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD

Low price: £2,099 – Buy now from John Lewis

This Samsung QLED TV uses groundbreaking Quantum Dot technology to deliver a world first in picture quality, achieving 100 per cent colour volume. It makes movie nights spectacular and lets you experience sports as if you’re actually in the stadium.

Cello 55" QLED LED TV

Was £849.99, now £799.99 – Buy now from Amazon

An Android Smart TV with built in Wi-Fi, the ability to record and pause TV, and a 55" wide screen, this option will make a great addition to any living room. 


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