With the return of Love Island comes the return of a niche lexicon.

Perhaps it is the bringing together of various dialects that results in a somewhat unique vocabulary being used, perhaps it’s just the confinements of the villa prompting its inhabitants to get creative with their lingo.

But along with questionable tans, brutal recouplings and impossibly toned, taut bodies comes a unique language.

It remains to be seen what new gems will emerge this season, but we can count on the return of many from series gone by.

Here’s the Love Island glossary you need to see you through the next eight weeks:


Disrespectful - adjective

Made famous by last year’s contestant ‘Muggy Mike’. 

See also ‘to mug someone off’ - for example, by stealing their partner.

“I can’t believe you did that, that was well muggy.”

To crack on

To try and make someone fancy you - verb

If someone in the villa is single and there is an imminent recoupling, they may crack on with someone else.

“I left Olivia for five minutes and he was cracking on with her!”

Total melt

A wimp, soppy person or idiot

Last year’s winner Kem popularised the catchphrase ‘you total melt’.

“You’re acting like a total melt over her.”

To graft

To put the work in with someone to get them to like you - verb

Grafting typically occurs after cracking on with someone.

“He’s barely been talking to me so needs to get grafting really.”

My type on paper

Your ideal man or woman who ticks all your boxes - noun

Usually used in the context of physical appearance.

“Adam is 100 per cent my type on paper.”


Angry - adjective

To behave in a salty manner or to behave angrily towards someone.

“Stop being so salty with me!”

To stick it on

To flirt - verb

Similar to cracking on and grafting, sticking it on someone is when you flirt in a blatant and very forward manner.

“She was sticking it on him about five minutes after meeting!”

To pie off

To reject - verb

If you’ve been pied off, you’ve been rejected or shot down.

“I stuck it on her but she totally pied me off, it was so embarrassing.”

The ick

The sudden and overwhelming feeling of being repulsed by someone - noun

If you’re coupled up with someone you fancy but all of a sudden find you can’t bear them, you've got the ick.

“I don’t know what happened but I don’t want to kiss him at all any more - I think I’ve got the ick.”

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