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Former WWE star full of praise for the rise of British wrestling

Exclusive interview: The son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes is preparing for a run with Fight Forever Wrestling in the UK this week


WWE's Brian Christopher Lawler, aka Grandmaster Sexay, dies aged 46

Wrestler taken to hospital after reportedly trying to hang himself

Everything you need to know about WWE Extreme Rules

Most of the titles are on the line in Pennsylvania


Rousey makes stunning WWE debut at WrestleMania

The UFC great not only took the fight to McMahon but hoisted Triple H onto her shoulders in what was one of the iconic images of WrestleMania 34


Five things we learned from the WWE Royal Rumble

The Road to Wrestlemania began on Sunday night in Philadelphia 

Rousey steals the show as WWE nails two Royal Rumbles in one night

Former UFC world champion Rousey returned to confront women's Royal Rumble winner Asuka, while both Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles managed to hold on to their world titles