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Freshers warned after spate of drink-spiking at Bristol University

Police are reportedly investigating the 'nasty and predatory' incidents which have struck new students as they arrive at university


How to get into university through Clearing

If you've missed out on an offer, Clearing can provide a second chance at getting into university - or even trade up your course using better grades

Student denied university loan because someone else has same name

Emily Hughes, 18, faces financial uncertainty following her application to study medicine at Birmingham this September


Universities 'wrong' to drop entry grades for disadvantaged students

Bright pupils from disadvantaged areas would more likely benefit from help improving their GCSE and A level grades, undergraduates from both state and private school backgrounds suggest


Male university students more likely to vote Tory than female peers

Exclusive: Student poll reveals vast majority of undergraduates in favour of snap election, despite feeling 'ignored' by the current Government